When a desktop user fails to update and use the latest version of the Pulsar wallet, new PoS rewards accured in the old wallet version will not be recognized on the updated blockchain that results after a fork. While it will appear that the older desktop wallet still functions because PoS rewards will still be happening on the older desktop wallet version, such rewards will be occurring on an abandoned blockchain. This should be a warning to individuals who have the “set it and forget it” mindframe.


There are four methods for users to ensure the latest version of the wallet is being used:

  1. Monitor the Pulsar project’s GitHub page; update as neccessary.
  2. Check for official #announcements in the Pulsar project’s discord server.
  3. Use the Official Pulsar discord wallet.
  4. Use the Official Pulsar web wallet.


On 16 Aug. 2022, an annoucement was posted in the discord about the decision to do a hardfork. Around 72 days later on 27 Oct. 2022, the team released the latest version to GitHub for distribution along with a few notes. Important in the notes is that the team declared that after 12 Nov. 2022, the v1.1.4, the updated wallet version would “Disconnect < 114 Clients.” Even though the team prepared the community with an ample amount of time, there are still those running older wallet versions TODAY as indicated in the wallet’s debug.log file: using obsolete version; missing minotaurx algo; 80012; disconnecting. The sheer number of these notices found throughout my debug.log prompted me to write this post on the topic.