Pulsar Fast & Secure Savings Coin (“PLSR”)

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The Pulsar Network approaches doing cryptocurrency from a different prespective. Whereas traditional understanding assumes a divide between mining behavior, staking behavior, exchange behavior, and pool behavior, Pulsar attempts to unify them into one ecosystem designed to appeal both to new users and to existing users, regardless of any user’s experience, hardware, or balance–for the purpose of creating stability, opportunity, and growth in our community.

Pulsar Coin (“PLSR”) invites the general public to participate with its evolving blockchain technology without the need for expensive and specialized computer hardware. Because our blockchain’s consensus mechanism uses both Proof of Work (“PoW”) and Proof of Stake (“PoS”) methods to secure our network, coin rewards to PoW miners and to PoS stakers distribute between each group equally (50%/50%). Whereas eligibility for earning PoW rewards from mining is a function of CPU and/or GPU hardware, PoS rewards are a function of the quantity of coins staked from a Pulsar address created in a wallet.

Miners who use our auto-exchange stand to earn PLSR Coin rewards exceeding daily emissions while helping to increase Pulsar’s price on exchanges.

Due to recent innovations designed to encourage more public participation, downloading and installing a desktop wallet on a local machine is no longer required to obtain a unique address on our blockchain. We invite individuals to create their unique address in our Pulsar Discord Wallet to earn their share of PoS rewards in proportion to their staked coin balance, i.e., staking more coins qualifies for more rewards.

Involvement with the Pulsar Network and its ecosystem enables self-interest to benefit the larger community while also translating communial effort into the likelihood of personal success. We have designed a mutually beneficial system that accounts both for short-term and long-term investment strategies–the difference between these two strategies explains much of the volatility on the exchanges. Because our vision becomes more successful as more participants enter our ecosystem, we encourage individuals to use both the exchanges and the mining pools expanding our ecosystem.

Pulsar - 100k Daily Emissions (3x Security)

Proposed Pulsar 2.0.0.x - 100k Daily Emissions (4x Security)